YOGA PERSONAL - Customize your own yoga lesson!

パーソナルで自分のヨガをやりたいあなたに / Create your own yoga lesson!

  • 自分の悩みに合ったヨガを、提案してほしい。
  • ケガが治って、リハビリ中だから、周りに気がねせず、ゆっくり練習したい。
  • レギュラーレッスンに、どうしても時間を合わせられない。
  • 家族や友達と一緒にマイペースでやりたい。
  • 初ヨガなので、みんなと一緒だと恥ずかしい。
  • いつも忙しいボーイフレンドや旦那さんにリラックスをプレゼントしたい。



K YOGAのパーソナルヨガ


60分 10,000円

75分 12,000円

90分 14,000円






  • Want a customized lesson to suit my needs.
  • I injured my leg & am getting better, would like to practice on my own pace.
  • Unable to make time for any of the regular lessons.
  • It must be fun to invite my mom and dad or friends to personal yoga.
  • I haven't practiced yoga before and am a bit nervous.
  • My boyfriend is always busy and tired, wouldn't it be a great idea to give him deep relaxation through yoga?


Here's K YOGA's personal yoga lesson for you.

Lessons led in English is available.

Personal yoga lesson by K YOGA instructors.

Fee : 

60min JPY10,000

75min JPY12,000

90min JPY14,000

Up to 3 persons can join in a class.


Please fill the form below for application.

Please note several requested date and time, we will arrange the class for you.

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