POWER YOGA : K YOGA highly recommends this vinyasa flow yoga.

K YOGAのパワーヨガ

Challenging, Deep breathing, Staying shape :)

Power Yoga : Mon/Sat AM10:30-12:00 by Mizue


Power Yoga for who that is like this.

Just wanna do exercise to sweat and  refresh.

Simply loves Power yoga!

Wants to challenge advanced asana.

Needs to shape body.

Wants to learn correct alignment.


Advanced class with a lot of moving asanas. Vinaya yoga to syncronize breathing and movement. To train flexiblity, muscle and balancing totally, you can expect to burn your fat. Let's see how you feel from your inside.


Power Yoga Class


Starting from sun-sultation combined with several moving posese, you gradually get into advanced asanas. K YOGA's power yoga is based on vinyasa yoga that requires syncronization of moving and breathing.


You also learn breathing method which is absolutely necessary in practicing yoga. Breathing is one of the key factor in yoga and only one body function that you can control by yourself.


Is it too advanced for you to learn asanas and breathing together? No!

Simply exhale and inhale, that's enough. Just don't stop breathing.

Power yoga method is well designed to protect your body from injury, meantime you can expect to tone your body line and stay healthy.


Should be less difficult than you think.

But quick movment, relatively high strength and concentrated breathing shall make you sweat. You must feel so confortable after the class.


Dedicated lectures are taught by an very experienced insructor to level up your total yoga skill.


Practice yoga leads to feeling of achievement.

For who likes to challenge, wants to sweat and needs to refresh.