Morning Yoga @Omotesando: Mon-Fri. AM07:15-08:15

朝ヨガ@K YOGA 表参道

Everyone joined K YOGA morning yoga because...

  • Practice morning yoga, refresh and get to work.
  • Very close to Omotesando, Harajuku, Shibuya and Aoyama, on the way to the office.
  • Wanna be a early bird to change my life.
  • Finishes at AM815. Still leaves pretty much time to go to work.
  • Expect morning exercise helps me to tone shape when hungry.
  • Due to over time work, evening classes are difficult to join. 
  • Just put on some yoga wears to come to studio, how easy!
  • Dayoff today, would like to enjoy fully, starting from morining yoga.
  • Busy by housework, morining class is only time when I can spend for myself to refresh.
  • I happend to wake up very early today and came here.
  • Morning trains are less clouded, the studio full of wooden smell is so comfortable.
  • Breakdfast at a shabby cafe is fun!
  • Morning is the time to release fatigue and stiff shoulder.


Overslept? No problem. Morning yoga is open tomorrow as well.


EVENT: Morning Yoga2 starting from 0830 on 10/23.24.

BLOGS (Japanese)

Morning yoga

U Tube

Morning yoga in Ocotber

The early bird catches worms: A business tool? Staying shape?

朝ヨガ @ K YOGA 表参道

Morning Yoga

Mon-Fri AM07:15-:08:15


K YOGA's best recommend is MORNING YOGA starting from AM715 and finishing at AM815 every weekday.

Only one studio in Omotesando area that opens morning yoga very weekday.


Let's wake your body up just after getting up confortably to adjsut your metabolism.

Will help you to treat swelling body and face and help you to ease stiff shoulder.

It is said exercise before breakfast will burn fat more.

Morning sun shine will adjust your sleeping pattern.


Even though your a night own, once you start to get over, you will be proud of yourself.

Cheeful today's morning leads to tomorrow's cheerful morning.

Let's close K YOGA STUDIO's door  after moring class and get to work with light step.

Your 1 hour for yoga will be refunded by more efficient hours later.

For you to start morning yoga easier....


K YOGA is happy to offer you morning yoga full of benefit.

In order for you to start and continue easier, our system is very simple and easy.


No reservation is necessary except first time.

Though you overslept and missed the class, don't worry, we have another one tomorrow.

Different instructors and lessons day by day.

1 sta from Shibuya, 2 min from Omotesando. Very conveninct for office workers.


You can simply drop in and buy a ticket that is just JPY2300/class.

Our studio is made of ceder and natural plasters that smells good and adjust the humidity, therefore provides very clean air. 


Mon-Wed : Energizing yoga

Thu-Fri:Relaxing class for beginners

Morning yoga instructors

Mon: Kei ー Vinyasa moving yoga for you to get to work with full of energy. Speaks English/ Chinese.

Tue: Kazuyo ー Very quiet class to release your tension.

Wed: Tamaki ー Powerful and happy class

Thu: Naomi ー Soothing yoga to release your tension. Speaks English.

Fri: MikiPractices easily modified sun-sultation to finish your week relaxedly.