Hatha Yoga: Vinyasa flow yoga + Relaxing slow yoga

K YOGAのパワーヨガ

Hatha Yoga Flow to tone your body and to generate energy by yourself

Hatha Yoga Flow : Tue 12:00-13:00 


Hatha Yoga Flow is full of energizing vinyasa flow, good to tone your body and accumulate energy inside.

Sunday class is led in English by Naomi from Hong Kong.

Tuesday class is by Tamaki.

Hatha Yoga Soft to soothe your busy body and soul

Hatha Yoga Soft


Take care of yourself before you sleep!

Take a break before your Friday lunch!

Relax after Sunday branch!


Wed 20:15-21:15

Fri 11:40-12:40

Fri 19:15-20:15

Sunday yoga, English class

Hatha Yoga Soft