FAQ - Yoga gears? Need reservation? Male class? Beginners?

Q Do you have male class?

A All classes except  "Female only" classes welcome both men and women. There are two "Female only" classes now, Beauty-Yoga & Aroma restrative yoga. In addition, we have "Male only" class Saturday afternoon (PM1400-1515).


Q  I am a beginner. Can I join?

A  Of course, no problem! Our instructors are all very experienced and take good

care of every students.If you have any health issues or problem, please let them know in advance.They will tell you what to do.


Q  I don't have any yoga mats.

A  We have some rental mats in studio. (JPY200 per 1 class) We can also safekeep your mat in studio (JPY1000 per 1 month)


Q What shall I wear?

A So far you can comfortably work out, any yoga gear is ok. We recommend you to practice in bare foot. If you feel cold, how about trying to put on a socks with 5 fingers. A light wind-breaker is also good in winter. You can use our blanket anytime when you need.


Q What do I bring?

A  In addition to yoga clothings, please bring a bottle of water, small towels. If you have your own yoga mat or lag, please bring it. Deodrant papers are nice to have.


Q Do I need to book every time?

A Please book your first class through internet or mail. After that you can drop in whenever you want, except some classes that needs advance booking (i.e. Aroma Restrative, Ballet Stretch, Baby Yoga.) Please buy a ticket at the studio and give it to the instructor.


Q When does the studio open?

A We are open from 15 min before a class. Please come  in 10 min before the class.


Q How do I cancell the booking?

A Please use the "Reservation and Questions form" or give us a call (090-4202-4076).

We don't charge you cancelling fee but if you cancel the class that the number of attendants are limited, you might not be able to book next class. We appreciate your understanding.


Q My body is not so flexible.

A Don't worry. Each person's flexibility is not same. But if you practice in your capability, you can definitely enjoy benefit. Overworking is not good for your health. If you have specific health issue, please tell our instructors, they will tell you best way to get benefit. Also continuous practice will make you much more flexible.


Q Which class is best for me?

Schedule & Fee shows the level. Also please refer to Classes for the class contents.


Q Are there showers and changing room?

A No showers. Please bring deodorant papers if you need.

You can change your clothing in the studio in the designated area separated by curtains.

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