Classes:Morning Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Baby Yoga, Men's Yoga

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Regular classes


Morning Yoga



Morning yoga in Omotesano on every weekday

Different instructors by day, for who that likes to charge energy before work or who that likes to enjoy relaxing morning. Class starts from AM715 and finishes AM815, you still have pretty much time to get to work.

Mon-Wed - Middle-Advanced

Thu/Fri - Beginner - Middle

Morning Yoga2



Wanna try morning yoga but AM0715 is toooo early. Don't worry, here we present you....

 Morning yoga starting from AM0830 for who that starts working relatively later in Omotesando area.

While enjoying same benefit of morning yoga, you can still stick to nightowl(?) life. 

Tue/Wed/Thu - Middle-Advanced.

Hatha Yoga Soft (Wed/ Fri, Sun 60-75min)  

Let's practice basic yoga poses relaxingly. All level.

Every classes release your stress after work.

Please enjoy Shava Asana in very clean air。

Hahta Yoga Flow (Tue, Sun AM, 75min)  

Advanced class. Vinyasa flow yoga to synchronize breathing and movement. 

Good to stimulate metabolism, tone your body.

Power Yoga (Mon/Fri AM 90min)   Nothing but Power Yoga. Advanced class. By syncronizing breath and movemeng, you can train your flexibility, muscle and balancing. 


(Wed Evening 60min)

  K YOGA original. Let's practice Power Yoga liestening to rock music! Let's enjoy no-overtime Wednesday!

Beauty Yoga (Women only)

(Fri AM 60min)


Shape up only in 60 min. (Female only)

For busy ladies, mothers after birth and female suffering menopause . 

For mothers, we can introduce you to a kids day care school in a same building. 

Yoga Stretch (Mon/Sat AM 60min)   For beginners. Simply stretch your body in order to relax, release  your tension on your shoulders by deep and comfortable breathing 
BABY YOGA  (On request)  

For moms and babies.

To tone your body after birth and deepen the communication with babies, how about joining Baby Yoga in absoultely baby-friendly and eco-friendly yoga studio.

Reservation needed by 2000PM one day before the class.

Men's only yoga(Sat PM 75min)  

Men's only yoga class where they practice Power Yoga.

All level.

No men's yoga class on last Saturday of every month.

Oriental Seitai Yoga (Wed PM, Thu Evening 90mn)  

Oriental traditional body-care method is mixed with yoga.

By shaking your body by yourself, shall we ease unfortableness from stiff shoulder, constipation, low back pain and menstrual cramps?

Yoga Teacher Workshop - Adjusting (Sat PM 90min)  

You may not have a lot of chances to learn how to adjust your students' yoga posture. Instrutor Mizue is very experienced in teaching adjustment.

Last Saturday every month PM1400-1530.

For yoga instructors

Reservation needed by 2000PM one day before the class.