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Naomi - Just back from Hong Kong, teaches Sunday English Yoga to offer you quiet time.


”Our body and mind are constantly changing. So having a quiet moment to listen to our body and turn inward would be a great way to bring back balance in our lives. ”


Naomi found Yoga when moved to HongKong in 2005. She completed a 250 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher-training program(RYT 200) in HongKong. She also received trainings: Yin Yoga by Paul Grilley, Yin and Meditation by Sarah Powers, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Yin Yang by Simon Low to name a few. Also certified for  Prenatal from the Yoga Space/ Melbourne.

In her class she emphasizes on healthy alignments while respecting uniqueness of each body. Also she focuses on breath to go further inside, meditation.

Her wish is that everyone leaves the studio with the sense of peace and balance. 


Naomi teaches..

Sunday English Yoga
Hatha Yoga Flow 
Hatha Yoga Soft 


Mizue  - with broad knowledge and experiences gained abroad and inland, tells you what to learn from yoga to live your own life. 


"Enjoy changing, accept  not-changing! "


Mizue is definitely one of best yoga instructors in Tokyo. She'd been teaching yoga for years in English and Japanese. In her classes, everyone laughs, screams and enjoys with full of challenging asanas. Broad knowledge and solid skill about yoga philosophy that she learnt abroad and inland makes her class very fulfilling.


She always says "Take good rest whenever your body need to do.”

You knew this is very difficult, didn't you? Therefore we need to come to her class.


Mizue teaches..

Power Yoga (Mon, Sat), Yoga Stretch (Mon, Sat), Men's Yoga (Sat), Instructors' adjustment workshop (Sat)

Eriko - "Everyone has divine self inside, we all know it. Once you access it, your life starts to flourish"


Certified by these trainings;

・200-hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training

・500-hr Shakti Initiation Women Only Yoga Leadership Training in Bali

・Yoga for women: controlling menstrual blood  (not YA approved training)


Born and raised in Japan, Eriko went to US for the first time as an exchange student in public high school in Richmond, Virginia where she learned English.


After graduated from university in Kobe, Japan, she lived and studied yoga at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA, the largest yoga retreat center in North America.


She practiced yoga off the mat mostly during working in radio and music industry for nearly 20 years, but returned to the path of yoga in 2012.


Eriko teaches..

Morning yoga (Tue)



"Let's enjoy yoga with warm sunshine and wooden scent. You can start better day and better week than anyone else. "


Maki's class is very relaxing even thoguh the class is a sort of energetic vinyasa yoga. Could be because she spent many years abroad. Her hands on your shoulders during shava asana are very warm and confortable, which makes your blue Monday happy Monday.


She carefully speaks not to confuse students and teaches most safe and correct method of doing asana takng your problem personally.


In charge of Monday morning yoga and Friday evening Hatha yoga.


”Morning yoga surely makes your day very comfortable. Evening yoga will a bit challenging taking correct allignment into consideration. You are a beginner? Don't worry! I will be following you. (*^^*)"


Questions about postures? Fashionable yoga gears? Girls Talk? Tamaki's class is for ones who want to take it easy. Powerful and happy morning yoga makes you awake again. Evening yoga is her original and exciting class, "ROCK'N' YOGA", to practice Power Yoga lisetning to rock music.

 You are a bit too tired for ROCK'N'YOGA? But you want to see her? Relaxing Hatha Yoga is also for you.


In charge of : Yin Yoga (Tue), Hatha Yoga Flow (Tue), ROCK'N'YOGA and Hatha Yoga (Wed evening) 


"Don'T worry even if you think you are less flexible. Let's breath deeply in K YOGA's clean air and come to stay inside of you. "

"Vayu" means "wind" in Sanskrit. As her name tells, she speaks very gently like spring wind to let you concentrate on your feelings inside of you. She also draws Mandala, particiates in varios volunteer activities and makes handmade crafts, how multi talented! This is a key of her class welcoming everyone.


In charge of : Oriental Seitai Yoga (Wed PM, Thu Evening)



"Come and join us to practice morning yoga in clean and pure air and warm sunshine!"


Miki teaches not only yoga but also pilates and body-conditioning exercises. Based on wide ranged knowledge about our bodies, she gives adequate instruction to each student seeing his/her body and condition. She recently came back to college to study more to deepen her profesional skills after long years of services as an personal exercise trainer, which makes us admire her more . 


In charge of: Morning Yoga (Thu)


”Be yourself whom you love.  Your body and heart are deeply connected. Let's hear what your hears says. ”


Riino is a great supporter of girls and babies. 

Her "Beauty Yoga" will help you to tone your belly, faceline etc and to solve female's trobules. She says challenging and overworking is different. Let's see how you can do it and get surprised to see hou you did.


She is a licensed gymnastic teacher in Japan and is willing to help you.


In charge of : Morning Yoga (Wed), Beauty Yoga (Fri AM), Baby Yoga (Fri AM)