You are always an foreigner. @ K YOGA Omotesando

You are always an foreigner, do not belong to anything and not connect to anyone.


This is why you've been looking for a key to open a door in front of you to find someone you'd met before.


Vice versa, if you are fully linked to someone, no matter whether you love him/her or not, then if you are stuck there all the time, you must have an unrefusable urge to free yourself and go.


Yoga does not help you by all means. 

But it simply shows you what you need to do now.



K YOGA Omotesando offers hatha yoga classes led in English on Sunday. Other classes (i.e. Power yoga, Morning yoga) are led in Japanese but we can attend you in English so that you can make yourself at home.


Of course, YOGA is an universal language, what language you speak is not a problem, you can join our classes anytime to refresh your hard working days.


K YOGA English web


METROPOLIS is a free magazine for English speakers living in Japan. K YOGA is introduced in a latest issue.

You can pick it up at major metro stations, airports and hotels.

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Floating? Is it yoga?? @K YOGA Omotesando

At Sunday Hatha Yoga Flow (English class).


Before the class starts, some are stretching, some are simply and relaxedly waiting. 


Naomi's class is like this. We roll out our yoga mats facing each other towards the center of the studio.

Naomi says, 

We all practice yoga together gazing one same thing, isn't it good? "


The one in the back is Naomi.

Look at her carefully.

"Wow! She's floating! Super yogini!"

You might think so.

Yes, you're right!


Oh, no. It's not like that.

Naomi is not floating.

She was stretching one leg.

By chance, a yoga block was there in front of her another leg.

日曜ハタヨガフロー by Naomi

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Let's try Happy Sunday English Yoga! @ K YOGA Omotesando





ハタヨガフロー 日曜 AM1100-1215

ハタヨガソフト  日曜 AM1245-1400

From Naomi, Happy Sunday English Yoga instructor 


 Yoga is time and space for self maintenance, taking care of who we are. We live in such a rapid pace to keep up with demands of life n better ourselves. In doing so, we may have shifted from who we really are or have had little regard to our physical body. 
 our body and mind are constantly changing. So having a quiet moment to listen to our body and turn inward would be a great way to bring back balance in our lives. 
 I'm looking forward to sharing group (yet personal )practice in the studio!

Naomi's class

Hatha yoga flow Sun AM1100-1215

Hatha yoga soft Sun AM1245-1400

Sunday English Yoga @Omotesando

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日曜英語ヨガ、Sunday English Yoga by Naomi
We are happy to introduce our new instructor in charge of SUNDAY ENGLISH YOGA @ K YOGA Omotesando.
She is Naomi who'd been teaching yoga in Hong Kong for years. Her classes starts from this Sunday, Sept 21st.

Don't miss it!




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Sunday English Yoga @Omotesando

I'm sorry that Sunday yoga teacher, Lisa happened to leave the studio because of her moving back to US. On behalf of all that liked her classes, I'd like to appreciate her joyful lessons and wish her good luck.

Everything has start and close.

Here please let me introduce our new Sunday teacher, Naomi. She is just back from Hong Kong where she'd been teaching yoga in English for years. She speaks very softly in the class even though it is a vinyasa flow offering you full of comfort.
You can easily imaging how her hatha-soft class is. 

Her first classes start from tomorrow, 9/7.
You should not miss it!

Hatha yoga flow :AM1100-1215

Hatha yoga soft :AM1245-1400

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Sunday English Yoga followed by Panini Lunch @ K YOGA Omotesando

Lunch with Panini after Sunday yoga at "Bread and Espresso.." @ Omotesando.

Lunch menu consists of choice of Panini, carrot salad, a small butter cake and cookie with a cup/glass of coffee, tea or fruit juice.


I like a focaccia with chick pea filling and handful of vegetable. (Photo) Let's eat well after yoga! (only when you like to.)


"Bread and Espresso.." @ Omotesando is a few blocks away from Tonkatu Maisen. On weekends they serve French toast after 3 PM and quite a lot of people start queing after 2.


You know what? There's a secret.
Why don't you come around 2:30 just before lunch hour closes, then order Panini or something you like.
Now a clock strikes 3, you can order French toast at your table. 


If you think lunch menu is already too much, you can share French toast with your friends.


Weekdays morning menu also serves French toast from 8AM. If you come here after morning yoga, you don't need to wait and it will be a fancy treat after some good exercise.


Sunday yoga English class by Lisa from San Diego
(Come to yoga to eat Panini and French toast?)

Hatha yoga flow 1100-1215
Hatha yoga soft 1245-1400

Sunday English yoga followed by fancy treat

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Sunday Hatha Yoga (English Class) makes your next week much happier. 日曜のハタヨガで来週もハッピーに。

Can you imagine how much you can relax after comfortable Sunday Yoga?

No matter how you are tired and exhausted, sitting still on a yoga mat will lead you to a quiet and tranquille time.


Then you can enjoy happy Sunday afternoon later on strolling around Omotesando to make your next week much happier.


Lisa's Sunday Yoga at sunshine filled K YOGA STUDIO @ Omotesando, Shibuya.
Hatha Yoga Flow 1100-1215
Hatha Yoga Soft 1245-1400
English class






リサ先生の日曜ヨガ@太陽いっぱいのK YOGA表参道
ハタヨガフロー 1100-1215
ハタヨガソフト 1245-140

サソリのポーズ@K YOGA 表参道

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Hatha Yoga at K YOGA Omotesando with who from all around the globe.

Sunday Hatha Yoga classes with Lisa (English class) and warrior posture. 

In a small yoga studio at Omotesando was full of global-based students yesterday.


From US.

A couple from Australia, 

Lived in Singapore, London...

Lisa is from San Diego.

I used to work in Taiwan...


I am proud that English and Mandarin are spoken at K YOGA Omotesando, cozy, relaxed and simple studio resembles my favorite yoga studio in suburban London. 


When you wake up late on Sunday, go to relaxing yoga, go on shopping in busy Omotesando streets and take out some fancy food for dinner at Department stores.., how your next week will start? Have you ever thought of that?


English classes at K YOGA

Hatha Yoga Flow : Sun 1100-1215

Hatha Yoga Soft  : Sun 1245-1400

Power Yoga : Sat/Mon 1030-1200

Nobinobi Yoga (Relaxing Yoga Stretch) : Sat/Mon 1230-1300

Sunday hatha yoga English class

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Renewed SUNDAY HATHA YOGA @ K YOGA Omotesando




Newly started Sunday classes, Lisa's Hatha Yoga Flow and Hatha Yoga Soft.

Hatha Yoga Soft started modified sun salutation followed by moon salutation with some crawling hip-opening poses. "Moon salutation brings you deep relaxation" Lisa said. It truly was. Movements are a sort of strong but you can calm down yourself little by little leading to comfortable savasana.

Finish all MUST-DO's on Saturday and just feel easy on Sunday.
If your weekend is like this, Lisa's Sunday yoga is highly recommended to tranquille yourself.

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日曜英語ヨガクラス新規開講!明日です。@K YOGA表参道



ハタヨガフロー 日 1100-1215
ハタヨガソフト 日 1245-1400

ハタヨガフロー英語クラス@K YOGA表参道

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