K YOGA Omotesando recommends "Easy way to calm you down at desk".

Mizue in charge of "nobinobi yoga" recommends "an easy way to calm you down at desk".


Place your fists lengthwise on your desk.

Place your forehead on two fists.

Close your eyes to listen to your your breath and stay for a while.

Only in a few minutes you will find yourself in calm.

You can do this wherever you are confortable.


One very important thing is you need to concentrate on your breath.

Piled emails to answer? Put it away.

Don't try to think something else hastily.


To tell the truth this is very difficult, 

while you are staying there 

you may feel like saying something what you are not allowed to say

 (that's why you needed to calm yourself) 

or you may fall asleep drooling.....


Relaxation and taking a good rest is very very hard.


Yoga stretch (nobinobi yoga) Mon/Sat AM1230-1330 by Mizue

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K YOGA "Kawaii" style

K YOGA is generally for the grown-ups.

But so many "Kawaii" girls.


Two photos above are pockets of yoga gears in Monday Morning yoga class.

(Left) Instructor Maki's dog print.

(Right) Ducky. Yogini who wears this is very fashionable and "Kawaii" every time not only in yoga gears.  This ducky pants is not a special yoga wear but a daily casual clothing.

I got it. When it is comfortable to do exercise and gives you fun, every clothing can be worn as a yoga gear.  

That's why she always looks "Kawaii".


Our instructors are also fashion freak. Whenever they happen to see a fancy yoga gear in a studio, they never fail to ask "Where did you buy it?"


Last one is a snow man made of snow out of studio window the other day. We had to say goodbye just in 20 minutes.

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Yogini & Yogi that got to be friends all of a sudden at K YOGA.


They look like old friends for long.

But one day they happen to come to K YOGA to get to know each other, sitting on the yoga mat side by side.

K YOGA's evening classes are buzzy and friendly 

with full of fun, 

slightly different from calm morning yoga.


Those who come to K YOGA first time, opened the door showing nervous faces.

And then closed the door after the class with all the tense released.

Some show giant smile, some show small and shy smile.

"Are you a same person before a class?", some got be very talkative.

He must have experienced countless things so that he wanted to share with someone else.


Travelling yogini and yogi the guitarist in a photo.

How could they have a chance to meet each other anywhere other than K YOGA? 

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Inversion poses provide more energy.

Inversion poses in yoga practice


In ancient India, they believed inversion poses promises eternal lives.

Now none of us believes so but

they say inversion poses stimulate your endocrine and regulate your metabolism.


It is full of fear to fight against gravity, but

challenge may be a fun, is a fun, then became a fun.

Like this, step by step it will be achievable.


Turn yourself upside down to lift up yourself. 


Of course those inversion poses are not for beginners, 

if you want to try first time, I suggest you should consult with your instructor. 

Hatha Yoga Flow class on last Sunday, there was a student who wanted to try 

and our instructor You will show you how to practice next time.


Pictures : Inversion poses (Shoulder stand, Hand stand, Pincha, Head stand)


Hatha Yoga Flow (Sun AM1100-1215)

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Sweet temptation after Hatha yoga flow

Ordered two cups of coffee?


No..The one of the left is Tira-mi-su in a cup made of chocolate.

At Honolulu Coffee, 1min from K YOGA Studio.

Coffee break with our instructor YOU who teaches Sunday Hatha yoga flow and Hatha yoga soft.

You can eat this cup of course.

After finishing tira-mi-su, your hands and face will be messy holding a cup and digging.

Be careful.

"How can I eat it?" you might enjoy the discussion with your friend in front of this brown cup.

Very very sweet and entertaining snack.

Well after you finish Hatha yoga flow class, you are deserved. 


White one is Chiboust, which is also big.

Hawaiian sweets are very nice and volumy.

They make us happy too.


Honolulu Coffee : Jingumae4-4-13, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo ☎ 03-3403-8770

* Their pancakes are also good. You don't have to make a que to eat yummy pancakes in Omotesando.


Hatha Yoga Flow on Sunday

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Forward bend relaxes you. WHY? @ K YOGA Omotesando

Just take a rest when you get tired.

Same old forward bend stretching your legs straight towards front that many people don't like.

But if you bend your knees on a cushion as you see in the picture and lay your belly on your thigh, even forward bend will be a very relaxing pose.


K YOGA instructor, YOU says, we  tend to protect our belly as we did when we are animal, so that forward bend makes us relaxing

She is right, when a animal shows its belly, it means a sign of surrender.



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Make some space by yoga practice.

Yoga pose : Crescent moon
Yoga pose : Crescent moon

Make space in your body on the yoga mat.

Make space in your heart off the yogamat.

Our instrcutor, YOU started talking like this before class.


You will feel like leaning on a big ball to make space in your chest and belly by doing Crescent moon (on photo). Looks so easy but needs a sort of effort.

While growling, I found myself losing any space in body and heart.

Also you need to use legs and thighs, you may have muscle pain tomorrow (lol)


Our "Hatha yoga flow", as it reads, is a flow vinyasa class with moving sequence.

Plank pose, Low lunge, Twisting etc and YOU's original sequences.

They are challenging but you must feel "have never done it before!" and enjoy.


Of course she always says "if you are tired, just take a rest by Child pose."

You gotta listen to your body and rest whenever you like.


Hatha yoga flow by YOU

Sun AM1100-1215

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Handstand for anti-aging

yoga pose - hand stand
yoga pose - hand stand

Isn't it cool?


These days, we often practice inversion poses in Power Yoga classes.

Handstanding (in a picture) is one of the most popular but difficult poses.

This reverses your internal organs and effecitve for anti-aging, which makes me practice so seriously.


Everyone wants to complete this pose without leaning on the wall.

Instructor Mizue taught us how to ajust each other in a pair.

Only with a very easy assistance,  a partner can stand alone.


Can't you believe?

So how about coming over to a studio and try.

Practice in a pair is also a fun with full of sense of unity.

Encouraging each other, watching others do, applausing.

Small group lesson provides such harmonized feeling.


Wish I look younger half a day tomorrow.


Power Yoga by Mizue

Mon/Sat AM1030-1200

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Easy going yoga

hatha yoga soft
hatha yoga soft

Before Hatha Yoga Soft class, we were chatting about casual way of practicing yoga.

At K YOGA, you don't have to book except your first class.

If you are in the mood, you can just come, buy a ticket and join the class.

We happend to meet a lady who likes this system today, which made us glad.


You can prepare well and hustle yourself in advance.

You can invite your friends.

Though you don't know the girl sitting next to you,

 both of you naturally start chatting

 just like you are old friends. 

Instructor then wonders "Are you friends?"


Every yoga studio has its own concept.

Wherever you go, you will meet a person who loves yoga and enthusiastically promote yoga benefit.


Among those studio, K YOGA STUDIO thinks,

Your life is hard, do you want another headache coming to a studio?

This is why K YOGA offers very simple system.

Everyone may have a different way of thinking

but meeting who that says "LIKE" makes us so happy. 

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Peacock pose by Riino

Wow what shall I say?

Too cool! Instructor Riino's peacock pose.

You put your elbow under your stomach, tighten your belly and balance using your core muscle.


I coud not make it first and wondered how to do.

Teachers always say so when they show us advanced poses.

You think it is not achievable first,

then you keep on practicing.

One day you try again and will find out you can easily make it.  


When you have something you really want to achieve but cannot,

if you work out hard something else,

one day you will find out all of a sudden you can make it.


Isn't it fun to have unachievable issues?

Doesn't it look like you are waiting for a seed to sprout?


Beauty Yoga by Riino:Fri AM1020-1120

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