"Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" on 6/20 to find something new

Here is Tamaki, teaching "Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" poses on 6/20 (sat).

Our hip joint is a ball and socket joint, therefore your legs can rotate 360 degree in theory.


But some of your hip joint limitedly move only to one direction while it has a huge potentiality.


If you move less, you and your muscle gradually forget original function leading to narrower steps with difficulty to walk.     

This is one of the purpose of "Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" to build strength over your core and legs.


This cat stretch is one of the poses we practice in this class.


Focus on your core muscles and legs.

Flat your back.

Stretch and shorten your belly.

Such a simple action makes you sweat if you concentrate on each movement. But soon you get comfortably tired.

(Because you read this to now, I suppose you love power yoga style yoga.) 


Then you will find yourself again as who you have not met before. Don't you think it fantastic?


Relaxing slow yoga is already in a main -stream and well accepted. 
On the contrary, "Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" is a newest styel of yoga bringing something exciting and powerful.


For who that loves powerful yoga.

Your Saturday will be fulfilled with lightness of your body and soul for sure. 




6/20 (Sat) AM08:30-09:45

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Your calendar starts from Saturday if you love Friday evening yoga. 

Naomi teaches a bit twisted yoga poses.


Flower pose in her Friday Hatha Yoga (soft).

Sitting in a boat pose with your elbow under your calf, your palms up and your back bone straight. 


It really looks like a big flower. Like a hibiscus flower blooming in a tropical island. The more it grows, the bigger it opens. 


In evening yoga classes, we turn on only floor lights in the last half.  In the dim light, we practice yoga quietly with no second thoughts. Then our body is expanding and we realize how much our body was stuck.


Big sigh before savaasana makes our body sink into the mat by itself. Time to stay for a while make it heavier and heavier. Next time when we hear Naomi's voice, we find our body and mind are totally loosen. 


On that day, some students have pumped calf and lower back pain. Naomi arranged the program to release the tiredness over a busy day.


Evening yoga is the luxury time for ourselves before bustling weekend with full of fun. No girls party and shopping on Friday evening but on Saturday.

Friday evening in Omotesando is unexpectedly quite, if you spend time like this, your Saturday morning will be free from all the headache and exhaustion for sure.


If you are a person like this, your calendar must start from Saturday. This is why we love Friday evening yoga.


Friday Evening Hatha Yoga Soft by Naomi

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Morning Yoga Renewal@K YOGA Omotesando

There're some changes on schedule after November.

Morning Yoga(0715-0815) + Morning yoga2(0830-0930)

Wednesday by Riino who teaches "Beauty Yoga for female" on Friday.

Thursday by Naomi who teaches Sunday English Yoga.

Friday night Hatha Yoga Soft (1915-2015)

by Naomi (Photo)

Naomi's class who was just back from Hong Kong brings you oriental breeze.

Hong Kong at this time of the year is not so hot with moist air. After your morning yoga, you might be wanting a bowl of hot porridge. It might be also a fun to look around and watch others eating breakfast without talking.

Woo..I want to come back to Hong Kong again.

Morning yoga : Thursday by Naomi

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First thing you do in a week, that is morning yoga @ omotesando

yoga pose:backbend
yoga pose:backbend

Morning yoga on Monday. They came to K YOGA despite of very cold morning.

While I was looking at them practicing yoga, I was wondering...


A new week comes to everyone.

How will your today and your this week be?

You may be smiling, you may get angry but you will surely spend same old lovely week.


Instructor Maki's smile and "Have a nice day!" is effective for one week.


Maki carefully prepares for today's music and today's pose for who that comes to K YOGA morning yoga class as first thing in a week.


A lady surprisingly met another lady in a same office at K YOGA.

A lady must be a professional beauty artist.

A lady shown fantastic posing even though she has not done yoga before.

It was a girl's morning.


Wish you a happy happy week!


Morning Yoga(Mon-Fri715-815)

Morning Yoga 2 (Wed/Thu830-930)

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Hatha Yoga Soft, Friday evening

Yoga Pose: Warrior 2
Yoga Pose: Warrior 2

Hatha Yoga Soft, Friday evening

Office workers come to join for their body conditioning before weekend.


If you work at your desk all day,

legs will freeze under the desk,

taking same postures for long makes your shoulder or lower back stiff,

you may not want to stand up, 

then your hands and toes are getting cold.


If you work standing and moving all day,

lower back may sore,

you cannot eat lunch and dinner on time

it is difficult to adjust yourself to the change of temperature of outside and inside.

it also leads to colder hands and toes.


We practice yoga poses very slowly and relaxedly to make you breath more calmly.

To release tension on sympathetic nerves will improve your blood circulation,

leading to ease your stiff shoulder, edema and other troubles  caused by poor blood circulation.


Here's a picture taken in Hatha yoga soft class.

To Ladies here.

Thank you very much for your agreement to be taken.

Did you relax? How's your stiff shoulder?


It's getting colder and colder.

It is nice to warm your shoulders, hands and toes by yourselves, isn't it?

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Girls Power Yoga


Side Crow Pose completed.

Modified versions are 1 to close legs, 2 to keep folding legs, 3 with one leg standing on the floor.

(Please be careful when you practice at home.)


To complete the pose is not final goal of yoga, instructors always say.

For this pose, balancing yourself is the key. Even though one or both of your legs stays on the floor, if you can tighten your belly, you can say it is completed.


Only small numbers of activities do not request us to achieve goals.

You do think

RESULT is everything

don't you, whether you recognize or not.


But trying to do your best with your own goal is still fantastic.

This crow pose is one of most popular poses that everyone wants to master.

We practice this pose in Power Yoga class, practicing girls look very cool, don't they?


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Morning Yoga to AM0815 & Morning Yoga 2 fm AM0830

Morning yoga at Omotesando starting from AM0830 and ending AM0930, how is it?

1 Class that ends at AM0930 just meets our office hours starting from AM1030. Class that ends at AM0815 is too early for me leaving me too much vacant time.

2  Class that starts at AM0830 meets our office hours and does not need me to wake up too early. BUT to come to Omotesando by AM0815, I need to suffer from rush hours. 

3 Take a day off, come to join AM 0830 class and enjoy my day fully. After I enjoy shabby breakfast after a class, most of the lovely shops are about to open.

4 I was to join 0715 class but overslept.....it is nice to have another class.

5 0830 class does not sound REAL and stoic morning yoga. 


Therefore K YOGA offers both Morning yoga to AM815 and Morning yoga from AM830. See your schedule today and chose whichever you like.


U-tube below: Instructor Tamaki demonstrates sunsulatation - Suri Namaskara.

The day when we shot, it was cloudy but we would like to practice this first thing in the morning when it is sunny and lovely.

Backbend, forwardbend, stretch etc, most of the basic poses are here.


Morning Yoga 2 Wed/Thu AM0830-0930 by Tamaki and Miki 

Morning Yoga  Mon-Fri AM0715-0815 by Maki, Kazuyo, Tamaki, Miki and nori

K YOGA is only one place you can practice morning yoga every weekday.


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Yogic Chat


Yogic Chat
A friend:       What's yoga?

Me:              A kind of tool to make your life easier.
A friend :    mmm~~
Me:              When you sigh...
                 if you still think sighing helps
                 doesn't it make you feel easier?
A friend:     Isn't it simply being natural?
Me:                Yes, you are absolutely right.

A friend:     Then I don't need to learn yoga, wwwwwww

Stay natural, this is the way.

But isn't it most diffiecult part?


So far I heard from a person who came to the studio yesterday, she went dropping by Flying Tiger Omotesando.

They stopped providing an reservation ticket, so that everyone has to que.

This Monday around 1600 PM, she had to wait for 40 minutes.

If you go there a little earlier, you may need to wait more.


Picture : Instructor YOU, taking cobra posture with her chest wide open, She must feel very positve. 

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Morning classes at sunshine filled studio

It's getting cold but K YOGA studio is filled with sunshine in the morning.

Here's Riino sitting in the sun, feeling warm on back and reading a book about ayur veda.

Looks very comforatable.


Windows faces to east, so that morning yoga and AM classes are full of bright sunshine.

If you are a sun-flower type person that pursues sunshine, you are highly recommended to join moring classes.


Now winter has come. Wooden floor started to shrink to release waterly air. Those wood are already 60 years and spent another several years after being cut. But they are still alive. How amazing!


Walls painted with natural plasters also release waterly air in winter.

We need to thank them to provide fresh and comfortable air for us at K YOGA STUDIO.


Riino's class for girls with countless beauty issues:Beauty Yoga on Friday AM 1020-1120

See you on Friday!

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Popular yoga instructors experienced ...

pair yoga pose

Very popular K YOGA instructors, Kazuyo teaches Tuesday morning yoga and Tamaki teaches Wednesday class.

They got together coincidentally and took Warrior 1 pose in pair.

So cool!

They press each other's palm strongly.

Wouldn't you like to do it with your loved ones?

Like a picture on a yoga magazine.


Then we chatted what yoga practice brought them.

Tamaki; when I started I practiced once a week, 3 months later, they all told me "You got slim!"

Kazuyo; body got toned though the weight did not change.

I (author); belly got two vertical lines.


Yoga's deep breathing massages your organs and works to control fat stores around them.

Fat reduction substitute muscle increase, therefore weight sometimes does not change.

But to reduce subcutaneous fat may need some appropriate diet anyway. (I knew.)


Two slender instructors' real experience are worth to hear, which makes us so motivated.


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