K YOGA STUDIO : English Yoga @ Omotesando, Shibuya, Tokyo

Morning yoga at a sun-filled beautiful small yoga studio. Can you imagine how refreshing and relaxing it is before your long office hours? 

Casual+Simple : All drop-in. No reservation/registration. Whenever you feel like practicing yoga, just drop by and join!

So tired? Cups of coffee do not work, you already knew. 

Exhaustingly long office hours.


All responsibilities exceeding your capacity lead to headache and sleeplessness.


Stressful relation building with the people around you.

Unachievable weight loss target.


Family or health issues that are getting more and more complicated...


"I need to take a rest." 

You know what you have to do but you cannot do it simply because you are too tired to start something new with some effort. 

How relaxed can you feel at a beautiful yoga studio?

Can you imagine how comfortable you feel if you practice yoga and get free from what that bothers you ? You will be proud of yourself again. 


On the evening when you join soothing evening yoga, you will easily fall asleep before you start counting any sheep.


You will be recharged again with full of energy to get to work after morning yoga in a warm sunshine through big windows.


You will recognize what you need to do to tone your body through yoga practice. It might not be going on a diet but could be just to align your posture or to be aware of your body structure.

Morning yoga to refresh. Weekend yoga to relax.

K YOGA Omotesando provides "Easy+Simple" yoga in Omotesando.


All drop-in, no reservation is needed. When you feel tired, please just drop by.

If you happen to get up earlier, it's time to join K YOGA morning yoga!


Deep breathing is important in yoga practice, whatever your goal is. K YOGA STUDIO is filled by all fresh and clean air generated from natural material used on wall, floor and ceiling to purify air.


You want to start your day with fun, smile and refreshment? K YOGA's morning yoga absolutely is the one.


Also recommended is energizing Power Yoga by Mizue who is one of the best instructors in Tokyo she's been teaching various type of yoga for years in English/Japanese.

Sunday English yoga by Naomi

”Love K YOGA!" by Laura

 Love K Yoga! The studio is beautiful and I highly recommend their competent teachers and sun-filled studio!" by Laura, a Web marketer from US


As English and Chinese (and Japanese) are spoken, people from all around the glove gather at K YOGA. 

A French lady, a well-known (but we cannot name) Opera singer said.

"YOGA is an universal language, no problem (though I don't speak Japanese.)"

She dropped by the studio after arriving at Tokyo for her solo recital. She could not sleep in the flight and was very tired and nervous but finally she left the studio smiling to everyone, that made all of us very happy as well. Needless to say, her show next day was very impressive and successesd.

Join K YOGA trial lesson!

No reason why you will not come to join K YOGA's yoga.

JPY2300 per class. (Cash only)


No reservation, No registration fee.

2min. from Omotesando Sta, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

English/Chinese spoken.


Please book your Trial lesson now!

Just JPY2300, almost same as fancy Omotesando lunch.

Mat rental (JPY200) is also free for your first lesson.



Morning yoga (AM7:15-8:15 Weekdays)

Morning yoga 2 (AM8:30-9:30 Wed,Thu)

Mens' only yoga (Sat),



Please check Schedule, Instructor, Access and Classes for more.



We are looking forward to meeting you at K YOGA! 

K YOGA class booking / tel 090-4202-4076




TEL: 090-4202-4076 (English/Japanese/Chinese are spoken)

Rm No 120,1st Floor, Tokyo Central Omotesando, 4-3-15, Jingumae Shibuyaku, Tokyo

(2min walk from Omotesando Sta. A2 exit.)