"Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" on 6/20 to find something new

Here is Tamaki, teaching "Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" poses on 6/20 (sat).

Our hip joint is a ball and socket joint, therefore your legs can rotate 360 degree in theory.


But some of your hip joint limitedly move only to one direction while it has a huge potentiality.


If you move less, you and your muscle gradually forget original function leading to narrower steps with difficulty to walk.     

This is one of the purpose of "Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" to build strength over your core and legs.


This cat stretch is one of the poses we practice in this class.


Focus on your core muscles and legs.

Flat your back.

Stretch and shorten your belly.

Such a simple action makes you sweat if you concentrate on each movement. But soon you get comfortably tired.

(Because you read this to now, I suppose you love power yoga style yoga.) 


Then you will find yourself again as who you have not met before. Don't you think it fantastic?


Relaxing slow yoga is already in a main -stream and well accepted. 
On the contrary, "Anatomic Pelvis Yoga" is a newest styel of yoga bringing something exciting and powerful.


For who that loves powerful yoga.

Your Saturday will be fulfilled with lightness of your body and soul for sure. 




6/20 (Sat) AM08:30-09:45