Your calendar starts from Saturday if you love Friday evening yoga. 

Naomi teaches a bit twisted yoga poses.


Flower pose in her Friday Hatha Yoga (soft).

Sitting in a boat pose with your elbow under your calf, your palms up and your back bone straight. 


It really looks like a big flower. Like a hibiscus flower blooming in a tropical island. The more it grows, the bigger it opens. 


In evening yoga classes, we turn on only floor lights in the last half.  In the dim light, we practice yoga quietly with no second thoughts. Then our body is expanding and we realize how much our body was stuck.


Big sigh before savaasana makes our body sink into the mat by itself. Time to stay for a while make it heavier and heavier. Next time when we hear Naomi's voice, we find our body and mind are totally loosen. 


On that day, some students have pumped calf and lower back pain. Naomi arranged the program to release the tiredness over a busy day.


Evening yoga is the luxury time for ourselves before bustling weekend with full of fun. No girls party and shopping on Friday evening but on Saturday.

Friday evening in Omotesando is unexpectedly quite, if you spend time like this, your Saturday morning will be free from all the headache and exhaustion for sure.


If you are a person like this, your calendar must start from Saturday. This is why we love Friday evening yoga.


Friday Evening Hatha Yoga Soft by Naomi