You are always an foreigner. @ K YOGA Omotesando

You are always an foreigner, do not belong to anything and not connect to anyone.


This is why you've been looking for a key to open a door in front of you to find someone you'd met before.


Vice versa, if you are fully linked to someone, no matter whether you love him/her or not, then if you are stuck there all the time, you must have an unrefusable urge to free yourself and go.


Yoga does not help you by all means. 

But it simply shows you what you need to do now.



K YOGA Omotesando offers hatha yoga classes led in English on Sunday. Other classes (i.e. Power yoga, Morning yoga) are led in Japanese but we can attend you in English so that you can make yourself at home.


Of course, YOGA is an universal language, what language you speak is not a problem, you can join our classes anytime to refresh your hard working days.


K YOGA English web


METROPOLIS is a free magazine for English speakers living in Japan. K YOGA is introduced in a latest issue.

You can pick it up at major metro stations, airports and hotels.