Floating? Is it yoga?? @K YOGA Omotesando

At Sunday Hatha Yoga Flow (English class).


Before the class starts, some are stretching, some are simply and relaxedly waiting. 


Naomi's class is like this. We roll out our yoga mats facing each other towards the center of the studio.

Naomi says, 

We all practice yoga together gazing one same thing, isn't it good? "


The one in the back is Naomi.

Look at her carefully.

"Wow! She's floating! Super yogini!"

You might think so.

Yes, you're right!


Oh, no. It's not like that.

Naomi is not floating.

She was stretching one leg.

By chance, a yoga block was there in front of her another leg.

日曜ハタヨガフロー by Naomi