Let's try Happy Sunday English Yoga! @ K YOGA Omotesando





ハタヨガフロー 日曜 AM1100-1215

ハタヨガソフト  日曜 AM1245-1400

From Naomi, Happy Sunday English Yoga instructor 


 Yoga is time and space for self maintenance, taking care of who we are. We live in such a rapid pace to keep up with demands of life n better ourselves. In doing so, we may have shifted from who we really are or have had little regard to our physical body. 
 our body and mind are constantly changing. So having a quiet moment to listen to our body and turn inward would be a great way to bring back balance in our lives. 
 I'm looking forward to sharing group (yet personal )practice in the studio!

Naomi's class

Hatha yoga flow Sun AM1100-1215

Hatha yoga soft Sun AM1245-1400

Sunday English Yoga @Omotesando