Sunday English Yoga followed by Panini Lunch @ K YOGA Omotesando

Lunch with Panini after Sunday yoga at "Bread and Espresso.." @ Omotesando.

Lunch menu consists of choice of Panini, carrot salad, a small butter cake and cookie with a cup/glass of coffee, tea or fruit juice.


I like a focaccia with chick pea filling and handful of vegetable. (Photo) Let's eat well after yoga! (only when you like to.)


"Bread and Espresso.." @ Omotesando is a few blocks away from Tonkatu Maisen. On weekends they serve French toast after 3 PM and quite a lot of people start queing after 2.


You know what? There's a secret.
Why don't you come around 2:30 just before lunch hour closes, then order Panini or something you like.
Now a clock strikes 3, you can order French toast at your table. 


If you think lunch menu is already too much, you can share French toast with your friends.


Weekdays morning menu also serves French toast from 8AM. If you come here after morning yoga, you don't need to wait and it will be a fancy treat after some good exercise.


Sunday yoga English class by Lisa from San Diego
(Come to yoga to eat Panini and French toast?)

Hatha yoga flow 1100-1215
Hatha yoga soft 1245-1400

Sunday English yoga followed by fancy treat