Hatha Yoga at K YOGA Omotesando with who from all around the globe.

Sunday Hatha Yoga classes with Lisa (English class) and warrior posture. 

In a small yoga studio at Omotesando was full of global-based students yesterday.


From US.

A couple from Australia, 

Lived in Singapore, London...

Lisa is from San Diego.

I used to work in Taiwan...


I am proud that English and Mandarin are spoken at K YOGA Omotesando, cozy, relaxed and simple studio resembles my favorite yoga studio in suburban London. 


When you wake up late on Sunday, go to relaxing yoga, go on shopping in busy Omotesando streets and take out some fancy food for dinner at Department stores.., how your next week will start? Have you ever thought of that?


English classes at K YOGA

Hatha Yoga Flow : Sun 1100-1215

Hatha Yoga Soft  : Sun 1245-1400

Power Yoga : Sat/Mon 1030-1200

Nobinobi Yoga (Relaxing Yoga Stretch) : Sat/Mon 1230-1300

Sunday hatha yoga English class