Power Workshop by Richard & Shawn full of fun

パワーヨガby Richard & Shawn

Power workshop on 5/11 by Richard & Shawn.

Totally exhaused but definitely enjoyied.

Used core muscule and heated up your body from inside.

With Kapalabathi breathe, basic yoga postures made you sweat a lot. 


Flow yoga sequences to front to back and right to left, hand stands...

At a small sized studio like K YOGA with a limited number of students,

a lot of chance for massages and adjustments for each of them.

Of course Shawn showed us hard-to-believe poses.


Finally inside of a studio got hot to steam.  


It was a bit of surprise that their Japanese to teach yoga significantly improved.

A Japanese guy (a student) in their Boston studio taught them, Richared said.    


A stone of white chrystal quart is a gift from them for us to hold while meditaion.

Our "See you next year!" sounded like "See you tomorrow!".