Roll around and relax @ K YOGA Omotesando

疲れた時は?@K YOGA表参道

Though it's only a few weeks after new year started, office workers had March as well.

You might feel like same as the one on the photo?


K YOGA's cedar wooden floor smells fresh and soft, 

you can save time to roll out yoga mat 

and fall down anytime want.

With you face up or down, whichever you like, 

just roll around.


However, it is highly recommended 

you should do something that helps you 

before you get to be like this :)



We have two events on last golden week holidays, 5/6 to fill your first day at office with fun.

Morning yoga AM0830-0945 by Maki

Yin yoga AM1030-1145 by Tamaki

Please book from here.