Funny but fun! Sunday Hatha Yoga Flow.

Hatha yoga flow on Sunday is very funny with full of fun.

We practiced dog variations last Sunday.

(Today's blog might be a little too maniac.)


Firstly, normal 4 legged dog,

then the more we practice the less we have legs.

3 legged dog with one leg up.

2 legged dog with one leg and one hand up,

 then catch lifted leg's toe with lifted hand.


There are quite a few 3 legged dog variation.

To hold your hips facing parallel to the floor, 

lift your one leg sideway in 90 degree.

This really works on you hips.

You may not be able to think anything while keeping this pose.


One another strange pose, which is "Man floor mop".

Stand on a mat or towel on the floor and take plank pose.

Then tighten your belly and bring your both legs forward beside your right arm.

Just like you sweep a floor with a mat that your stand on.

Come back to plank pose.

Can you see what I mean?

Can you see why this is "Man floor mop"?


This is of course hard but absolutely works to your belly.

Now do you want to try?

You've done it and ended with a full of questions?

Why don't come over to K YOGA to join us?


Hatha Yoga Flow by YOU: Sun AM1100-1215