K YOGA "Kawaii" style

K YOGA is generally for the grown-ups.

But so many "Kawaii" girls.


Two photos above are pockets of yoga gears in Monday Morning yoga class.

(Left) Instructor Maki's dog print.

(Right) Ducky. Yogini who wears this is very fashionable and "Kawaii" every time not only in yoga gears.  This ducky pants is not a special yoga wear but a daily casual clothing.

I got it. When it is comfortable to do exercise and gives you fun, every clothing can be worn as a yoga gear.  

That's why she always looks "Kawaii".


Our instructors are also fashion freak. Whenever they happen to see a fancy yoga gear in a studio, they never fail to ask "Where did you buy it?"


Last one is a snow man made of snow out of studio window the other day. We had to say goodbye just in 20 minutes.