Yogini & Yogi that got to be friends all of a sudden at K YOGA.


They look like old friends for long.

But one day they happen to come to K YOGA to get to know each other, sitting on the yoga mat side by side.

K YOGA's evening classes are buzzy and friendly 

with full of fun, 

slightly different from calm morning yoga.


Those who come to K YOGA first time, opened the door showing nervous faces.

And then closed the door after the class with all the tense released.

Some show giant smile, some show small and shy smile.

"Are you a same person before a class?", some got be very talkative.

He must have experienced countless things so that he wanted to share with someone else.


Travelling yogini and yogi the guitarist in a photo.

How could they have a chance to meet each other anywhere other than K YOGA?