Inversion poses provide more energy.

Inversion poses in yoga practice


In ancient India, they believed inversion poses promises eternal lives.

Now none of us believes so but

they say inversion poses stimulate your endocrine and regulate your metabolism.


It is full of fear to fight against gravity, but

challenge may be a fun, is a fun, then became a fun.

Like this, step by step it will be achievable.


Turn yourself upside down to lift up yourself. 


Of course those inversion poses are not for beginners, 

if you want to try first time, I suggest you should consult with your instructor. 

Hatha Yoga Flow class on last Sunday, there was a student who wanted to try 

and our instructor You will show you how to practice next time.


Pictures : Inversion poses (Shoulder stand, Hand stand, Pincha, Head stand)


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