Youngest Yogini at K YOGA Omotesando, Baby Yoga

Here's youngest yogini at K YOGA Omotesando in Baby Yoga class.


(Left) Mommy takes a rest in a child pose with Instructor Riino's support.

Some mothers carry babies and are bothered by stiff shoulder and pain on the back.

Then this baby, she enjoys 100% relaxation as if she takes a rest after taking danura asana.


(Right) BABY cobra pose, as it writes.

Small palms, flex ankle with mommy. Riino couldn't help screaming "So cute!"


Though she cannot talk, hissy sound she made sounded like "NOW!!".

”You want me to hug you NOW?”, her mommy and Riino were puzzled.


Babies grow very very fast.  Every cute poses are gift only for that moment.

Next time when we see again, please show me other cute poses, baby.


BABY YOGA : Fri AM1140-1240 by Riino 

Classes are in Japanese but the assistant speaks English for your help.

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