Sweet temptation after Hatha yoga flow

Ordered two cups of coffee?


No..The one of the left is Tira-mi-su in a cup made of chocolate.

At Honolulu Coffee, 1min from K YOGA Studio.

Coffee break with our instructor YOU who teaches Sunday Hatha yoga flow and Hatha yoga soft.

You can eat this cup of course.

After finishing tira-mi-su, your hands and face will be messy holding a cup and digging.

Be careful.

"How can I eat it?" you might enjoy the discussion with your friend in front of this brown cup.

Very very sweet and entertaining snack.

Well after you finish Hatha yoga flow class, you are deserved. 


White one is Chiboust, which is also big.

Hawaiian sweets are very nice and volumy.

They make us happy too.


Honolulu Coffee : Jingumae4-4-13, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo ☎ 03-3403-8770

* Their pancakes are also good. You don't have to make a que to eat yummy pancakes in Omotesando.


Hatha Yoga Flow on Sunday