Make some space by yoga practice.

Yoga pose : Crescent moon
Yoga pose : Crescent moon

Make space in your body on the yoga mat.

Make space in your heart off the yogamat.

Our instrcutor, YOU started talking like this before class.


You will feel like leaning on a big ball to make space in your chest and belly by doing Crescent moon (on photo). Looks so easy but needs a sort of effort.

While growling, I found myself losing any space in body and heart.

Also you need to use legs and thighs, you may have muscle pain tomorrow (lol)


Our "Hatha yoga flow", as it reads, is a flow vinyasa class with moving sequence.

Plank pose, Low lunge, Twisting etc and YOU's original sequences.

They are challenging but you must feel "have never done it before!" and enjoy.


Of course she always says "if you are tired, just take a rest by Child pose."

You gotta listen to your body and rest whenever you like.


Hatha yoga flow by YOU

Sun AM1100-1215