Handstand for anti-aging

yoga pose - hand stand
yoga pose - hand stand

Isn't it cool?


These days, we often practice inversion poses in Power Yoga classes.

Handstanding (in a picture) is one of the most popular but difficult poses.

This reverses your internal organs and effecitve for anti-aging, which makes me practice so seriously.


Everyone wants to complete this pose without leaning on the wall.

Instructor Mizue taught us how to ajust each other in a pair.

Only with a very easy assistance,  a partner can stand alone.


Can't you believe?

So how about coming over to a studio and try.

Practice in a pair is also a fun with full of sense of unity.

Encouraging each other, watching others do, applausing.

Small group lesson provides such harmonized feeling.


Wish I look younger half a day tomorrow.


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