Easy going yoga

hatha yoga soft
hatha yoga soft

Before Hatha Yoga Soft class, we were chatting about casual way of practicing yoga.

At K YOGA, you don't have to book except your first class.

If you are in the mood, you can just come, buy a ticket and join the class.

We happend to meet a lady who likes this system today, which made us glad.


You can prepare well and hustle yourself in advance.

You can invite your friends.

Though you don't know the girl sitting next to you,

 both of you naturally start chatting

 just like you are old friends. 

Instructor then wonders "Are you friends?"


Every yoga studio has its own concept.

Wherever you go, you will meet a person who loves yoga and enthusiastically promote yoga benefit.


Among those studio, K YOGA STUDIO thinks,

Your life is hard, do you want another headache coming to a studio?

This is why K YOGA offers very simple system.

Everyone may have a different way of thinking

but meeting who that says "LIKE" makes us so happy.