First thing you do in a week, that is morning yoga @ omotesando

yoga pose:backbend
yoga pose:backbend

Morning yoga on Monday. They came to K YOGA despite of very cold morning.

While I was looking at them practicing yoga, I was wondering...


A new week comes to everyone.

How will your today and your this week be?

You may be smiling, you may get angry but you will surely spend same old lovely week.


Instructor Maki's smile and "Have a nice day!" is effective for one week.


Maki carefully prepares for today's music and today's pose for who that comes to K YOGA morning yoga class as first thing in a week.


A lady surprisingly met another lady in a same office at K YOGA.

A lady must be a professional beauty artist.

A lady shown fantastic posing even though she has not done yoga before.

It was a girl's morning.


Wish you a happy happy week!


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Morning Yoga 2 (Wed/Thu830-930)