Hatha Yoga Soft, Friday evening

Yoga Pose: Warrior 2
Yoga Pose: Warrior 2

Hatha Yoga Soft, Friday evening

Office workers come to join for their body conditioning before weekend.


If you work at your desk all day,

legs will freeze under the desk,

taking same postures for long makes your shoulder or lower back stiff,

you may not want to stand up, 

then your hands and toes are getting cold.


If you work standing and moving all day,

lower back may sore,

you cannot eat lunch and dinner on time

it is difficult to adjust yourself to the change of temperature of outside and inside.

it also leads to colder hands and toes.


We practice yoga poses very slowly and relaxedly to make you breath more calmly.

To release tension on sympathetic nerves will improve your blood circulation,

leading to ease your stiff shoulder, edema and other troubles  caused by poor blood circulation.


Here's a picture taken in Hatha yoga soft class.

To Ladies here.

Thank you very much for your agreement to be taken.

Did you relax? How's your stiff shoulder?


It's getting colder and colder.

It is nice to warm your shoulders, hands and toes by yourselves, isn't it?


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