Yogic Chat


Yogic Chat
A friend:       What's yoga?

Me:              A kind of tool to make your life easier.
A friend :    mmm~~
Me:              When you sigh...
                 if you still think sighing helps
                 doesn't it make you feel easier?
A friend:     Isn't it simply being natural?
Me:                Yes, you are absolutely right.

A friend:     Then I don't need to learn yoga, wwwwwww

Stay natural, this is the way.

But isn't it most diffiecult part?


So far I heard from a person who came to the studio yesterday, she went dropping by Flying Tiger Omotesando.

They stopped providing an reservation ticket, so that everyone has to que.

This Monday around 1600 PM, she had to wait for 40 minutes.

If you go there a little earlier, you may need to wait more.


Picture : Instructor YOU, taking cobra posture with her chest wide open, She must feel very positve.