Morning Yoga to AM0815 & Morning Yoga 2 fm AM0830

Morning yoga at Omotesando starting from AM0830 and ending AM0930, how is it?

1 Class that ends at AM0930 just meets our office hours starting from AM1030. Class that ends at AM0815 is too early for me leaving me too much vacant time.

2  Class that starts at AM0830 meets our office hours and does not need me to wake up too early. BUT to come to Omotesando by AM0815, I need to suffer from rush hours. 

3 Take a day off, come to join AM 0830 class and enjoy my day fully. After I enjoy shabby breakfast after a class, most of the lovely shops are about to open.

4 I was to join 0715 class but is nice to have another class.

5 0830 class does not sound REAL and stoic morning yoga. 


Therefore K YOGA offers both Morning yoga to AM815 and Morning yoga from AM830. See your schedule today and chose whichever you like.


U-tube below: Instructor Tamaki demonstrates sunsulatation - Suri Namaskara.

The day when we shot, it was cloudy but we would like to practice this first thing in the morning when it is sunny and lovely.

Backbend, forwardbend, stretch etc, most of the basic poses are here.


Morning Yoga 2 Wed/Thu AM0830-0930 by Tamaki and Miki 

Morning Yoga  Mon-Fri AM0715-0815 by Maki, Kazuyo, Tamaki, Miki and nori

K YOGA is only one place you can practice morning yoga every weekday.