Popular yoga instructors experienced ...

pair yoga pose

Very popular K YOGA instructors, Kazuyo teaches Tuesday morning yoga and Tamaki teaches Wednesday class.

They got together coincidentally and took Warrior 1 pose in pair.

So cool!

They press each other's palm strongly.

Wouldn't you like to do it with your loved ones?

Like a picture on a yoga magazine.


Then we chatted what yoga practice brought them.

Tamaki; when I started I practiced once a week, 3 months later, they all told me "You got slim!"

Kazuyo; body got toned though the weight did not change.

I (author); belly got two vertical lines.


Yoga's deep breathing massages your organs and works to control fat stores around them.

Fat reduction substitute muscle increase, therefore weight sometimes does not change.

But to reduce subcutaneous fat may need some appropriate diet anyway. (I knew.)


Two slender instructors' real experience are worth to hear, which makes us so motivated.