Sunday class, Hatha Yoga Flow started!


Sunday yoga had just started from today.

Hatha Yoga Flow(1100-1215)& Hatha Yoga Soft (1245-1400).

Instructor YOU that speaks English with Laura from US.


Hatha Yoga Flow is a middle-advanced class in difficulty and strength.

But we practice step by step, all of us can find most comfortable position to each of us.

Firstly, we practice from easy position as warming up, secondly, use props to learn accurate and safe position to avoid injury, lastly completes the posture.

We will stay whenever we feel happy.


YOU says, I like weird postures.

Oh, no that's not weird but simply hard...(lol)

But, though we see her demonstration and wonder "oh?", 

once we try and soon see "oh!".

"tried but could not" and "didn't try", difference of these two are very big.


In small yoga studio like K YOGA, instructor can take a good care of everyone.

YOU moved and run around and adjusted the posture of each of us .


English speakers, Chinese speakers, beginners, men... whoever you are, it is definite you can enjoy yoga at K YOGA @ Omotesando. See you again there!