Yoga Everyday

Yoga pose: Bird of paradise

Among K YOGA's classes, Power Yoga is most advanced in terms of difficulty and strength.

One day students practiced one of the advanced asana "Bird of paradise", but Power Yoga lovers' postures are fantastic.


Power Yoga Instructor Mizue asked students "Anyone who practices yoga everyday?", but there were no one.

She said "I do practice everyday".

Then I thought she practices some advanced poses like Sun-sultation.

She said "When I get up, I practice Child pose."


Child pose is very basic and simple pose, sitting on the knee, bending your upper body to forward with head resting on the floor, followed by gentle breathing. When you get tired during yoga class or you want to take rest and relax, you are recommended to do child pose. 


Mizue said,

Attending 90min class once a week is of course a good yoga practice.

But yoga practice everyday is more difficult even though they are simple and easy poses.

In addition, even if you don't do any yoga postures, if you have time to observe you from inside of yourself everyday, you are obviously practice yoga everyday.


We often overdo yoga or something else but cannot achieve anything and feel depressed.

But we need to recognize yoga is very easy to do.