Secret Baby Yoga Event

Babies and moms all around. We had a secret baby yoga class on last Monday.


Photo on the left.

Babies got together surrounded by moms, listened to moms' calling their names and crawled back to moms.

One rushed to his mom. One looked at mom's face but stayed there, while mom urged him to come back.

One was just looking at his girlfriend's face and did not hear what mom said. 


Instructor Riino could not help laughing. 

She said this exercise is for babies to recognize mom's voices to call them even in the crowd. 


Photo on the right.

Lieing mom hugs her baby on her and they listen to each other's heartbeat.

But babies don't listen, crawling here and there.

One was asked by Riino "You don't like it, do you?"


Most popular pose among babies is mom's squat while she hugs her baby and swing side to side.  

Is it like a riding a jet-coaster?

But this is a very hard pose for a mom and a good exercise of legs and thighs.


K YOGA is 2 min from Omotesando sta and 1 sta from Shibuya, very convenient  

Babies, you are always welcome to K YOGA!