Morning Yoga fm AM8:30 @K YOGA Omotesando

Next week, Oct 23 and 24, we have "Morning Yoga 2" that start from AM 8:30.

Wednesday instructor is Tamaki whose class is super cheerful and popular.

Thursday instructor is Miki who is also a professional Pilates and Body conditioning trainer.


Here's Miki's demonstration. Moving Airplane Pose.

Hold your head towards back foot straight. Align your neck in line.

Place your arms beside your body. Palms can face front or back, whichever you like. 

Repeat same movement in short period of time, which can warm your body easily.


Not only this but every yoga pose requirs you to stretch your neck, to stamp strongly on the floor and not to lock your knees.

(Otherwise you will easily damage your knees.) 


Now it is getting colder towards winter, moving-type yoga lesson is for that season.

If you work out in th morning, it helps you to stimulate your metabolism and body temperature, then your day must be very comfortable. Needless to say, your brain will be cleared.


Morning Yoga 2 starts from AM830 for who that starts working from AM1000 or AM1030.

Don't complain regular Morning Yoga from AM730 is too early!

How about trying Morning Yoga2?