Power Yoga @ K YOGA

Power Yoga, Hand Stand
Power Yoga, Hand Stand

K YOGA Omotesando strongly recommends Power Yoga class.One day we practiced one-leg balancing poses in first half and inversion poses in last half.


Inversion poses requires us  to use our muscle fully.We put our hands and elbows on the floor like dolphin pose then lift the body.Our instructor Mizue demonstrated it very easily, which made us admire her once again .


Needless to say seeing and doing is different.

"Wow, I made it!" and "Wee, how can i??", they are all around.

But we don't know why, whether we could make it or not, we have a solid feeling of achievement.


In our Power Yoga, as its name reads, we practice powerful and moving vinyasa poses a lot.In reality they also require delicate consideration and careful observation.Just relying on gravity or reaction, copying the pose's outlook does not work.


Even one pose needs you to check, 

good breathing? opening chest? back straight? excess burden on knees?

Your body and head should work fully.

Once you know how, soon you will find something next to consider.

You keep on learning like this.