K YOGA BACKYARD: Very convenient to come from Flying Tiger

K Yoga Studio, backyard
K Yoga Studio, backyard

I went to Karuizawa to see old westen style buildings.
 - No, it is a joke. Thiis is the backyard of K YOGA building.
Hard to believe we are in Omoteando.

Next to this building and this entrance, there are THAT famouse Flying Tiger and AfternooCafe Teastand. You will still see a looong 


Light yellow ones in a picture are Osmanthus flowers in full bloom now with sutle and gentle smell.

I didn't recognize they are there till I happened to smell.

Then I shall forget till next autumn comes.



If you come to K YOGA from Flying Tiger or Afternoon Tea Cafe, this gentle smell will show you the way. (Only in autumn) Next to the trees, there is a parking lot, afer crossing it, you will see a corridor and K YOGA at the end.