Morning Yoga @ Omotesando


Side angle Pose by Tamaki.

Looks very comfortable under the morning sun.

From toe, flank to fingers, let's stretch as much as you can.

AM 0820 after morning yoga class. 


Sunshine through the window moves gradually during the class.

Spotlights everyone one by one.


K YOGA's morning yoga starts from AM715 and finishes at AM815.

Many of you will be in time to go to work.

However, some people still says it is too early.

So that, we are preparing to open Morning Yoga 2 (MY2) that starts from AM830.

You are right, now many companies set up flexible working time and there are a lot of fashionable shops that starts relatively later in Omotesando.

We should have started MY2 much earlier, which we feel really sorry.


We will announce MY2 soon after we complete arrangement.

Thank you for your waiting.